Present Perfect Exhibition

held at Bud artspace at Metaxourgeio, Athens (2016).


Nice N Sleazy Studio is a pair of artists (Em Kei-Yan Petris)
with multidisciplinary backgrounds in fine art, graphic design, photography, product design and curating. They are also a product of today’s global crisis. They use everyday materials and found objects and turn them into illusionary artifacts that rest between the physical and the digital. They bring together all manifestations of creativity to restore the link between art and applied arts: as history has seen before in movements such as Art Deco, Bauhaus and De Stijl. They interpret art as a field of infinite freedom and constant transformation. They believe that now is the time to rethink beauty, sensuality and consciousness and free ourselves from the limitations of super-analytical thinking.


Photography: Anna Trympali, Nice N Sleazy Studio